Trev - JULY 9, 2019

Great Race – very well organised; well signposted with fantastic friendly marshals

Craig - JULY 24, 2018

A great local race with a real community feel to it. Well marked (except for a very small section already mentioned by others) and enthusiastic marshalls and water distributors (the sponges were a thoughtful and much welcomed addition). A big thank you to all the organisers and volunteers.

Græme Gordon - JULY 24, 2018

The American’s often say “Third Time A Charm” Well the route is charming, and I know it well from my own Dog walks & runs. This was my third time and it was as good as always, although this is the first year it cam immediately after the British 10k, so my legs were not happy at the end, but I was. Suggestions, 1) a water station at the top of the hill after the flint cottage; 2)The ‘official’ map on the site suggests the course is 11k long, but I’m pretty sure that’s an error on it’s part; 3) the water station at the 5k/10k split tried to service both sets of runners, I think it should stick to the 5k runner as the 10k runners get water 200 yards later at Old Farm; 4) for me, the final water statin, whilst very necessary, was too soon after we turn out of the woods. Either it needs moving further down the road, if possible, or significant advance notice in the woods would help; finally 5) Dave the disco’s sound equipment at the Start/Finish is great, but couldn’t hear either Sam or the warm up instructor at the School gates Having said all that, A VERY big thank you to Sam, the Marshals and whoever cut the fallen trees so we did not have to vault over them.

MrsSCW - JULY 23, 2018

What a great race! Loved the course – nice and shady on a hot day, without the pressure of going for a time. Marshals were plentiful and cheerful, and the whole atmosphere was excellent!

David Saul - JULY 22, 2018

Great race today a big thank you to all the marshals and people running the water stations.

One suggestion – it would be good if you could you make previous results available on the website – I cannot seem to find the 2016 ones anywhere.

Amy Battle - JULY 17, 2017

What a great local event this is! The run is tough but this is offset by the beauty of running through the woods and passing the Buddhist shrines on route. Well organised and fun with a lovely community vibe to it. We both really enjoyed ourselves and hope to be back next year.

Ali and Tim McDougle - JULY 16, 2017

A very well organized event – well done to the team. The support around the course was excellent and appreciated. A challenging and enjoyable race – we will definitely run again.

CJ - JULY 26, 2016

Well done to everyone involved in setting up this event. Lovely route with some challenging hills. Great organisation. Good category prizes and nice design but, for those who will never come in top 3 or win an age category, it would disappointing to receive a tacky plastic medal.

Zoe mcbride - JULY 20, 2016

I really enjoyed this race 🙂 there were mainly hills but all part of the challenge. The marshals on the way round were brilliant and thank you to the scouts handing out water! It was great to have the entertainment at the finish line for spectators and Dave the disco was really engaging and kept everyone up to date and entertained 🙂

Mia - JULY 19, 2016

Really enjoyed this route, varied and challenging, especially with the hills and weather. This is one I have recommended to others to take part in next year. Everyone was really encouraging along the route and the water stop came at the right moment. The organisation was great prior to the race, everything signposted well. Only comment for improvement would be that at a couple of points in the forest, it wasn’t obvious which way to go. A small group of us stopped at one point as we were not sure as the path split in two different directions, fortunately we chose the right path. There was also another confusing bit further along where the route split and I think I took the wrong path, but it rejoined up again near to where the marshal was. Apart from that, it all went well and hope to come back next year.

Karen K - JULY 18, 2016

Wow what a fantastice course through beautiful woodlands, i really enjoyed my first hilly 10k. It was very well organised, the marshalls were great with lots of encouraging words to keep us going up the tough inclines. I will definitely be coming back next year. Thanks to Sam and Ian and everyone who helped to organise and run the whole event.

Ben Speare - JULY 18, 2016

Awesome 10k. If you want a PB go run a flat boring race somewhere else. If you want your calves to burn whilst enjoying the best of Buckinghamshire scenery then the Burford Bolt has to be top of the list.

Great organisation, brilliant atmosphere fantastic marshals and INSANE hills.

The kids at the school came up with the name Burford Bolt…. as I joked with a fellow runner (walker?) half way up the hill at 7k the last thing I felt I was doing was ‘bolting’ and the Burford Burn felt more appropriate but the fact it’s all organised by a team related the school and not a company makes it even better.

Having completed the 10k there was time for a drink before an extra hill or two with the kids in the family 2k fun run… medals and sweets what a winning combination!

Where do we sign up for next year’s race????

Adam Mileham - JULY 18, 2016

10k felt more like a 10mile! Haha, but you always need to be challenged Great organisation and crowd. Well done

Joy - JULY 18, 2016

Awesome race, mainly through the woods with some killer hills! But beautiful scenery. Encouraging and supportive marshals, who were often heard before being seen in the woods. A real family event with something for everyone and great to see so many kids running and getting involved. Lovely touch to remember Tina at the start. Excellent organisation and huge WELL DONE to Sam and the team for all your hard work. See you next year for the 2017 Burford Bolt.

Chris - JULY 18, 2016

Wow! A very tough run and not one for setting a PB! That was my sixth 10k in 8 days so my calves were in for a treat with those inclines! Well done on organizing a great race. The marshals on the course were fantastic- really encouraging. It was a hot day- I was wondering if another drinks station at 7km, just as you exit the woodland and rejoin the road, might be appreciated in future. And although I know you want as much of the entry fee to go to the school, could the medal be metal? I’d even pay more to have a solid memento of the run. Just an idea. Once again, thank you so much for the run! A great work out and good preparation for my next run this week.

Verity West - JULY 18, 2016

Such a well organised friendly run, although very tough with the hills and the July temperature. The Marshals were great along the route and the paint markers/signs/tape through the woods were perfect for runners at the back of the pack. Will put in some hill training and hope to do it again next year. Thanks for all the hard work from the organisers, hope it was a success and you will be doing it again.

Stephen - JULY 18, 2016

Hardest 10k I have ever done but such an awesome race – well organised, well supported and the ending with the announcer announcing numbers and names was a really great lift!

Must say the views were incredible!

We will definitely be entering next year and telling our running club about this race!

Ben Sambrook - JULY 18, 2016

Thanks to all for a very well organised race day. Great fun family morning out with races for everyone. 10K was challenging with some very naughty hills but the scenery was beautiful and the marshals were all excellent and encouraging. Looking forward to next year already!

Liz - JULY 18, 2016

Well organised and enjoyable morning. Tough route but it made me feel I had achieved something. The marshals were encouraging, especially in the woods – I could hear them well before I reached them. And they all had kind words. The scouts were so keen to help, as were the youngsters back at the school. I loved the fact that there were lots of activities for children at the school. Kept their interest and got them moving too. Thanks all.

Harri - JULY 18, 2016

Fabulous scenic 10k and 5k route around Marlow Bottom through woods with twisty turny pathways – absolutely wonderful race. Loved it. Excellent organisation, loads of happy, supportive marshalls with no pressure on the slower, beginner runners at the back – speed didn’t matter – highly recommended to runners of all abilities. Thanks Sam and team!

Heather Ashford - JULY 17, 2016

Possibly a bit of a mad one to do as my first ever race (those hills…), but it was just great! Such a supportive atmosphere, well-organised, wonderful cause – hope to make the next one. (And pure surprise at coming away with a very well made plaque/trophy!)

Sarah - JULY 17, 2016

What a fantastic event! We ran in the family run with our 2 girls aged 5 & 6 – they loved it. Such a great atmosphere and fantastic organisation. We will definitely be back next year – and I may even sign up for the 5k. Well done to the organising team!

Satbir West - JULY 17, 2016

Very well done Ian and Sam. A well organised event catering for all. Lovely to see a great turn out. Not going to lie , this was a tough one for me but brilliant encouragement from marshals and scouts. Thank you so much xx

Penny mccrabbe - JULY 17, 2016

Fantastic run. Very well organised. A great day for all the family. The course was fabulous. Yes, it was hilly and tough but the challenge made it more fun and took pressure off to get a fast time. It was well marshalled and there was a very friendly atmosphere. The fun run was lovely. Thank you to the marshall who said to my five year old , ‘ you are doing amazingly well.’. It really spurred her on as she was tiring towards the end…

Clare Scott - JULY 17, 2016

Challenging 10K run, that last hill was a killer. Sam you have a warped sense of humour!!!! But seriously, well organised run and such a pretty route through the woods. I’ll do some more hill training now and be back next year! Well done, great event.

Nicole - JULY 17, 2016

Well organised and great atmosphere ! A great success.

Jo Butler - JULY 17, 2016

What a great morning! A fantastic event which was well organised, had a great atmosphere and included a challenging and scenic route. My first 10k and one I will never forget. Will definitely be back next year! Thanks to the organisers and especially to the supportive marshals who were so encouraging.

Pippa - JULY 17, 2016

Well organised and such a fun morning. It was the first fun-run for our eldest and she loved it. We’ll definitely be back again next year. Well done everyone involved!

Vincent C Jenkin - JULY 17, 2016

I love a good off road run, but this one was a toughie. Treacherous trails and insane inclines – but the spectacular scenery more than made up for it. I love it when I can feel I’ve worked hard and earned my finisher medal – and this one was one of those runs.

Very well organised, great atmosphere and the marshals were absolute gems – encouraging us all along the route. Loved the little detail of the announcer at the finish line call out the bib numbers AND the persons name as they headed towards the finish line – made it that much more personal.

I’ll definitely be back next year and aim to encourage a few running friends to join in this AMAZING run too.


Dom - JULY 17, 2016

Great to see so many kids being involved, lovely scenery & those ~640ft(?) of climbs were hard to make given the heat(!) Many thanks for such a smoothly operated race

Jan Bradfield - JULY 17, 2016

Just home after running your Bolt – 5k for me and 10k for hubby. Really challenging, beautiful course, which we both loved, great organisation, loved the youngsters getting involved and handing out the bags, loved the spirit. Love entry fee is going to the school. 2nd 10k gent in circled back and ran me in, encouraging me to sprint. A real sporting gent. We’ll be back next year. Thank you, all the volunteers, and all the runners.

Jo Murado - JULY 17, 2016

A challenging but really beautiful 10k route. Will sign up next year and will encourage as many friends as possible to rise to the challenge. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this work! X